Are You Too B.U.S.Y?

I’m too B.U.S.Y. (Being Under Satan’s Yoke), I don’t have enough time, I have to work late, I have to take care of the kids, I’m working on a hard project, and the excuses can go on, and on, and on.  Have you made these excuses before?  I know I have. With the busyness of … More Are You Too B.U.S.Y?


Embracing Each Moment

God’s beauty is so magnificent.  The sky, the trees, the grass, His creation.  Sometimes in life we have to take a moment to stop what we’re doing, pause, and embrace the moment and the things around us.  So many times in life we feel like we have to rush from place to place, from event to event, from meeting to meeting, from call to call, and the list can go on and on and on.  Can you relate?  … More Embracing Each Moment


REST.  REST.  REST. REST.   The word rest is a word we hear all the time.  In a busy society, we hear things like, “make sure you get plenty of rest to prepare for your busy work week”, “get some good rest, so you can feel better”, or “you’ve had a long day, so get some rest”. … More R.E.S.T