Are You a P.P.J?

Many people in the world are silently dying inside because they are P.P.J.s (People Pleasing Junkies). I am a recovering People Pleasing Junkie, and want to share my story. My prayer is that my transparency will encourage all of you who have and are currently struggling with the same addiction. Enjoy! … More Are You a P.P.J?


REST.  REST.  REST. REST.   The word rest is a word we hear all the time.  In a busy society, we hear things like, “make sure you get plenty of rest to prepare for your busy work week”, “get some good rest, so you can feel better”, or “you’ve had a long day, so get some rest”. … More R.E.S.T

Enjoying The Simple Joys In Life Like Candace Payne!

I recently saw and read of a woman named Candace Payne, who just by ONE Facebook Live video she recorded of herself enjoying a Star Wars Chewbacca mask she bought for her birthday, generated 96 million views on Facebook within 48 hours. AMAZING! Although I don’t know much about Ms. Payne or her background, based … More Enjoying The Simple Joys In Life Like Candace Payne!