Imperfectly Perfect and Proud of it

I’m too fat.  I’m too skinny.  I’m too tall.  I’m too short.  My thighs are too big.  Wait, my butt is too big.  I wish my hair was a better texture.  I always mess up on this!  Shoot, can I ever get it right?  The self destructive criticism goes on and on and on.  Or have you ever thought to yourself, will I ever get it right?  Or how come God made me like this? Well, you are not alone. … More Imperfectly Perfect and Proud of it

Stop Wearing a Mask

via Daily Prompt: Confess Are you someone who has had a hard time being comfortable in your own skin or has experienced being a people pleaser?  If so, you are not alone.  We’ve all had experiences and seasons in life where we were trying to find our place in life and fit in. It’s not … More Stop Wearing a Mask

Are You a P.P.J?

Many people in the world are silently dying inside because they are P.P.J.s (People Pleasing Junkies). I am a recovering People Pleasing Junkie, and want to share my story. My prayer is that my transparency will encourage all of you who have and are currently struggling with the same addiction. Enjoy! … More Are You a P.P.J?

The Battle Within: Overcoming The Torment in Your Mind

Have you ever asked yourself, “why do I keep struggling with the same issues?” or “when will my circumstances ever change?”. Well my friends, you are not alone. In my 35 years of life, the one thing I’ve come to the realization of is that although we may not understand why we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing, or are in the midst of a circumstance that’s beyond our mental capacity, God knows exactly WHY we’re in the position we’re in. I call this struggle, the “battle within”. … More The Battle Within: Overcoming The Torment in Your Mind