Rising Above Your Situation

(2 Chronicles 15:7 NIV)  I will be strong and not give up, for my work will be rewarded. 

Sometimes in life we have times when we feel like we’re being overlooked or we feel like what we’re doing is not significant.  Whether it’s in a job, a business, in your family life, marriage, school, or even within yourself, know that God sees what you’re doing behind the scenes.

This message is a message of encouragement to remind you that despite how you may feel and what it looks like in your life, God sees the hard work, sleepless nights, tears, discomfort, and sometimes, frustration that you’re going through.

I know you may be thinking, but “Ryan, you don’t know what I’m going through” or “when will my situation ever change?”, but I’m here to tell you that it WILL change.  An awesome woman of faith known as the cheerleader of dreams, Terri Savelle Foy, did a podcast that was about How to Handle Delays and Discouragement.

When I’ve experienced situations in my life where I felt like I was putting in the effort with the right heart, but maybe still didn’t see the results I had been praying for, Terri Savelle Foy’s message was a major blessing to me and my mindset.  I believe her message will also be a blessing to you too!

God reminds us in His Word that we have to be strong and not give up, for our work will be rewarded (2 Chronicles 15:7).  There have been many times, even now, when I have felt discouraged about something because I felt like everyone else was either accomplishing their goals faster than me or just seemed to be a lot further along in their  career than me.  Can you relate?

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(Galatians 6:4-6)  But each one must carefully scrutinize his own work [examining his actions, attitudes, and behavior], and then he can have personal satisfaction and inner joy of doing something commendable without comparing himself to another.  For every person will have to bear [with patience] in his own burden [of faults and shortcomings for which he alone is responsible].  The one who is taught the word [of God] is to share all good things with his teacher [contributing to his spiritual and material support].
On a daily basis, God reminds me the danger of comparing myself to others and how my focus MUST be on Him, and not on what everyone else is doing.  For many of you reading this, you may have also experienced these same feelings of comparison.  PLEASE STOP IT!  God showed me that this was a dangerous place to be because comparison gives room for the devil to work and just like Sweet Brown said in her interview,  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!“.

If you have ever felt like you were working hard at something and felt like no one even noticed or you had felt or currently feel overlooked, you are not alone.  I’m always reminded by my mentors that successful people are working behind the scenes working towards making a better future for themselves, when everyone else may be working hard to live in the moment.

God see’s what you’re doing!  Know that your work will be rewarded and made for the world to see in God’s timing. 

(Psalm 37:4-5)  I will delight myself in the Lord, and He will give me the desires of my heart.

I’ve had to learn this mindset through many life lessons, which at times have been uncomfortable, frustrating, and sometimes, made me mad at God.  If you’re like me, not being acknowledged for your efforts or even feeling overlooked at times, can be a struggle.  I thank God everyday because He has shifted my heart from always wanting to be acknowledged and recognized, to being excited for others to get recognized.  DISCLAIMER:  I’m not saying that I still don’t struggle with this, however, I’m far better now, than how I was several years ago.  Can you relate?

This prayer is for the discouraged, depressed, hopeful, frustrated, and the hanging on by a thin thread person who STILL believes in themselves and that God can change their situation.

Dear God,

Thank you for ___________.  Remind them that you love them so much that you sent your only begotten son Jesus to give up His life, so _________ can have an abundant life.  Allow them to experience Your love in the midst of their situation.  Despite what it looks like, encourage __________ and show him or her your divine favor.  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN and AMEN!

I would LOVE to hear how God has encouraged you through this message.  How has God reminded you of His faithfulness when things may not be going exactly how you planned?

RP (1)

Thank you so much for reading this blog and embarking upon this inspirational journey of life with me!  If you were encouraged, inspired, or can identify with the message/story, please feel free to comment.  I’m sure others will be encouraged by hearing YOUR story. 


10 thoughts on “Rising Above Your Situation

  1. Thank you so much
    Im going through a tough times but after reading im now looking forward to another day and believe God will open doors an bless you to get a permanent job.
    Because to be unemployment is stressing and torture.
    Thank you so much
    May God bless you

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    1. I am soooooo glad that you had the opportunity to read the message 😀😀. I’m encouraged by your words. I love how we can be a blessing to others even when we lives thousands of miles away. 😀. Keep pressing forward in your life & being grateful. Your situation WILL change. Blessings to you!!! I’ll be praying for you Nomsa!


  2. What a great time for this article to come across. I know we must be aware on some level that others feel the same stress and worries we do but we don’t really share that. So it’s great to see it put in words as a little reminder that yes, life is big and full of stress but yes, you are able to meet them. All of your effort is going towards something you are building. Thank you for sharing Ryan!

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  3. Powerful! Such a necessary word for so many of us, especially as we navigate the world of social media, which makes perfection seem attainable. The quick fix and glory seem to be what people want, but you speak of a deeper heartfelt yearning to please God and be patient because it gives us the time and space to seek Him first! Thank you for this!!!


  4. Amen and Amen.

    I thank God for you Ryan because you have been of great encouragement to me even at my lowest moments in life. What can I say? God bless you immensely and may He fulfill the desires of your heart.
    Once again thank you.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing your comment Rose! It means a lot that you take the time to read the messages and have been encouraged by them. Praise God! I appreciate you joining me in this journey of life! Have a blessed day!


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